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Beat Traffic Tickets Tacoma. Pierce County WA

is using traffic tickets to boost revenue, counting on people to pay the fine rather than fight them in court. but most traffic tickets are not properly written up. The new red light and school zone cameras have faults as well.

One Tacoma speeding or traffic ticket may not seem like a big deal, but paying that ticket could cost you your job, future job and
almost always cause an increase in insurance rates. If you have multiple infractions, it could result in a license suspension under Washington’s Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO).

Protect yourself by hiring an experienced, diligent and aggressive Pierce County / Tacoma traffic ticket attorney to defend you and your record.

Contact Horwath Law for a free consultation if you’ve been cited for:

• Driving without a Valid License
• Driving with a Suspended License (DWLS)
• Driving without Insurance
• Driving without Sufficient Insurance
• Driving without Registration
• Driving with Expired Registration
• Speeding
• HOV Carpool Lane Violations
• Hit and Run
• Reckless Driving/Racing
• Negligent Driving
• Attempting to Elude
• Running a Red Light
• Running a Stop Sign
• Making an Illegal U-Turn
• Seat Belt or Child Restraint Violations
• Mechanical Violations
• Unlawful Vehicle Modifications

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Tacoma Traffic Ticket FAQ

  • If it's your second offense, that mistake will drain your pocket over the next three years in added insurance costs.

  • Fighting a traffic ticket means learning about the legal process. Do you pay the fine right away or wait?

  • Any traffic conviction, even for minor infractions, can show up on your driving record.