Why Hire Horwath Law Tacoma Traffic Ticket Attorney?

It is more likely you will beat that traffc ticket

For a moving violation as common as driving 15 over the speed limit or failing to signal, why hire a traffic ticket attorney? Because it might take someone well versed in Washington State's traffic laws and court system to help you walk away unscathed. Think about it. Going before a court judge to state your case or contest your traffic ticket might not be something you regularly tackle.  A lawyer used to navigating the legal system might be the difference between a blemished or a clean driving record.

Quality representation

Angela Horwath takes a concerned and friendly approach as she looks out for your best interests. At Horwath Law, we help our clients stay informed and updated as we navigate each step of the legal process. We want to help you know what to expect not only from us, but from your case.

Fines that are not dropped are more likely to be lowered.

Traffic tickets incur many fines, and many other penalties occur as well. Having the fines changed or lowered could mean that the ticket will not raise your insurance rates, or may even stay off your driving record, all because of laws you may not be aware of.

What is your time worth?

Some Tacoma traffic tickets require a court appearance—even if that means a four-hour in the back ot a court room waiting your turn. Or let’s say you can’t break away from work to handle your traffic ticket in person. Enter the hired help. In some cases you can have a legal representative stand in for you on your court date.

Free Consultation

Still feeling unsure about hiring an attorney? Not to worry; you have plenty of options which include the chance to discuss your case for free. Horwath Law offers a free consultation to determine whether it’s in your favor (and theirs) to work together. So don't wait, call today. 253-620-0033.

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